IB Solution strongly believes in Human Intellectual Capital and identifies it as the basic strengths of the company. Looking at the wide range of the Customer base from the Government sector to private, banking sector etc., IB Solution has always recruited professionals having IT expertise and problem solving skills. Satisfaction with our work - primary success criteria is why most of our customers are with
IB Solution for more than 4-5 years. How can you tell if your expectations and ours might match? The ability to work collaborating to create innovative IT solutions is essential along with the necessary interpersonal skills. We also look for the people with the traits of a successful entrepreneur including integrity, insight and initiative. If this describes you, we believe you should consider a career with IB Solution, because you can consider a career with IB Solution, because you can tell a great deal about company by the company it keeps and we are committed to keeping you in a good company.

Please Send your updated CV to : Ib Solution